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SMS Text Message Advertising

SMS Advertising is becoming extremely popular in the business community. The reason for this is simple: text message advertising is highly effective. Probably the most cost effective marketing method currently available. Over 30% return ratios are not unheard of and can help almost any kind of business.

Text Message Marketing:

  • Extremely high response ratio (can be as high as 20-30%)
  • Very cost effective
  • Reach your customers any time, any place
  • Easy to add to existing marketing campaigns
  • Allows quick delivery of real time offers

Text message marketing should always be permission based. It means that the customer has given permission (opted-in) to receive information from you. This is what makes sms marketing so powerful.

Our advanced, easy to use turnkey mobile sms marketing system can fulfill even the most demanding messaging and marketing needs for businesses of all sizes.

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Did You Know...
A properly designed and executed SMS Marketing campaign can produce response rates of up to 30%!

Did You Know...
Text messaging has been estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more effective than direct mail.

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